Our Mission

Our Mission is to help David keep up with Goliath, to give local home improvement business the systems that BIG firms use to dominate. Technology is changing the way sales and marketing is being done and our system lets even the most technophobic users get what they need to thrive and unlock their potential.

Where Did We Begin?

The idea for Lead Optimizer came to me when I was working at a UK digital marketing firm (as head of sales) specialising in Lead Generation for Local Home Improvement Business. After speaking to over 2500 directors across the industry and signing on over 150 of them into the agency, something came obviously clear to me.

There was something separating the best most successful firms, from the not so successful and I could almost predict who was going to to well and who wasn't, from one simple question: Tell me about your current sales and marketing process.

Preety much every Owner I spoke to could build the empire state building if you asked them and could sell 1/3 of the in person appointments into a sale. However year after year they were in the same positions as before, some months great and some months not great, keep teams in work, don't keep teams in work and very focussed on the next month ahead to feed the teams.

People think the solution is to get more leads to grow, yes that is one part of it. But the truth of it is that you can get as many leads as you want, if you do not have a robust sales process to handle these then you are on the slow and painful path to scaling.

What the best Home Improvement Business owners know and do is they have systems. Systems they can measure and optimise over time. Systems that make sure every lead is truly maximised to it's full potential, making sure that their profit margins are secure and future-proof.

The problem is that these successful owners with these systems typically come from those technical sales backgrounds or are young enough to know technologies power.

So to tackle this problem I put all my years of experience running sales systems for big tech companies and from years of feedback with people just like you into building a complete system that any business owner with no experience can pick up and use to great benefit.

If you want to see where your gaps are in your sales process, where you can generate more revenue in less time and zero risk, book a free 30 minute call with me where we will look at your business and see how we can unlock you potential.

Look forward to Speaking Soon,

Mike Puddy - Founder, Lead Optimizer

"When your product is equal in terms of price, specification and design, how do you differentiate and win against competition?"

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